Monday, 7 March 2016

Blocking 4. Small 3D bells and tubes.

The easiest way to block 3D objects is to stretch them over something the perfect size and shape. Now if you are lucky enough to have something at hand perfect use it, but if you don't it's time the get creative!!
When I was making my bells I couldn't think of anything (well nothing that worked!) so I decide that they looked good without blocking!! But when I was making my daffodils I needed to block the trumpets. No way around not blocking!!
So after many ideas, tries and searches around the house I finally came up with this idea. It's simple and requieres no new objects!!

Bocked 3D bells

What you need:

-Pins (Lots of)
-Baking paper (or something similar)
-A blocking board (a thick piece of cardboard, styrofoam, etc)
-Something to use as stuffing. (cut off ends of wool, cotton wool, stuffing, etc)
-A sheet of paper (if you wish to draw out shapes to pin to)

How to block:

1st. Cut a piece of baking paper big enough to make the shape you wish and place it inside your bell or tube. Making sure that the top is closed (we don't want any stuffing popping out!)
As my trumpets were small I used my finger. I wrapped the baking paper around my finger and then pulled the trumpet over the top. 

Blocking 3D bells

2nd. Fill the baking paper tube or bell with your stuffing (I used cut off ends of wool). Pack it in tight as this is what holds your crochet in shape. When you fold in the extra baking paper do your best to make it flat. As this is the part that sits on the board and pushes up.

How to Stuff 3D bells

3rd. Draw a circule on the paper about the size of your pinning circule. If you can just see or guess the circule you can skip this step. If I don't do this my stuff ends up very odd shapes! The circule doesn't have to be the exactly the right size, it's just helps to have a guide line. Most of my projects are either pinned just inside circule, or just outside.

4th. Place the paper on your board and cover with baking paper. Now pin your stuffed bells to the board.

3D bell blocked

5th. Once starched and dry remove all the pins, the stuffing and the baking paper.

 When to starch:

I find it's best the block wet items. So I normally place them in a bol of water until I need them.
As I use a spray starch I just spray them once they are pinned.
But if you use another sort of starch just add it when you normally do.

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  1. Good afternoon flower,
    the first thing that sprung to my mind when seeing your daffodil cones was that they would make beautiful covers for brides or bridesmaids hand bouquets. THank you for showing us your work.
    crafty hugs

    1. Your welcome. If you do make them as bouquet covers I would love to know how it works out. It sounds like a wonderful idea.