Saturday, 23 April 2016

Basic Warm Socks

I have just finished these in time for summer! Going to have to wait until next winter to use them!

Free knitted sock pattern

This pattern can be used to make socks of any size using whichever wool and needle combination you like. 
You start at the toe and increase until you have the desired width. Then you keep working in rounds until it's the right length. Add the heel and again keep going until it's as high as you like. You only need to count stitches and rounds for the second sock (just to make sure they are identical!). The only difference between the right and left sock is half a round on the leg.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Mesh Bag

This mesh bag is very handy. As it rolls up small it is ideal to use on trips that require a bag in only one direction, like the supermarket. It is also large enough to be used for anything.

Free crochet pattern for mesh bagFree crochet pattern for mesh bag

Free crochet pattern for mesh bag