Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Mesh Bag

This mesh bag is very handy. As it rolls up small it is ideal to use on trips that require a bag in only one direction, like the supermarket. It is also large enough to be used for anything.

Free crochet pattern for mesh bagFree crochet pattern for mesh bag

Free crochet pattern for mesh bag
This bag can be made with any string or thread you like. I would recommend using a larger hook size than normal.
I used crochet tread NÂș5 doubled. For the bottom half I used a dark blue and a multicoloured blue. For the second half I changed the dark blue for a light blue. And for the opening and handle I used the dark and the light blue. As I wanted the stitches to be loose and to stretch I used a large hook 5.5mm.

The Body

Make the starting chain as long you would like the width of the bag to be.
Free crochet pattern for mesh bag

Rnd 1. Chain 3. dc into the 3rd chain. dc into each chain. 3 dc into the last chain. Dc into the other side of the starting chain (including the 1st dc). Join to top of ch 3.

Rnd 2. Chain 4. skip 1 stitch. dc. ch 1. *skip 1, dc , ch 1. repeat from *. When you get back to the start stop 1 or 2 stitches before the starting ch 4.

Rnd 3 (and up). From here on you will be working in a spiral. dc into the ch 4, ch 1,* dc into the ch 1 space, ch 1. Repeat from *.
Keep working around until the bag is as high as you like. It doesn't matter where you stop. I stopped in the center of the front, but the pattern will work no matter where you decide to stop.
If you like you can use a marker to keep track of the start of each round, but it isn't necessary (I didn't).

The opening and handles

Rnd 1. Work 2 dc into each chain 1 space. Make the last stitch a hdc. Before carrying on decide where you want the handles to join and put markers. I put mine about one quarter of the way in from the sides. Each handle has an A & a B marker. Going in the direction crochet each handle goes from A (the starting point) to B (the end).

Rnd 2. Sc into each dc until the 1st A marker. Make a chain, being careful not to twist it, until its the length you would like the handle to be. Join with sc to point B. continue sc into each dc until the next A marker. Make a chain the same length as the previous one and join with sc to piont B.

Rnd 3. Continue sc until 1 stitch before handle. dc into each chain stitch. skip 1 stitch and continue sc around until next handle. skip last stitch and dc into each chain stitch. skip 1 stitch and sc in next stitch. Cut and join.

Rnd 4. Join roughly in the middle between  A & B. sc to handle. Skip last stitch and dc into other side of chain. Skip 1 stitch and sc back to beginning. cut and join. Repeat this Rnd on the other side of the bag.

Weave in any ends.

Mesh crochet bag opening

Please let me know if you have any problems understanding the pattern. I'm still finding it hard to write patterns so that someone else can understand them!


  1. hello...such a lovely first visit today and i will visit again...thank you for the mesh bag pattern...i like to have them in the vehicle and when out-and-about...take care...sally

  2. Hi, Love this pattern, I used plarn to make it! It works great!
    Thanks for your pattern!

  3. Very nice I will be checking into doing this one as soon as possible, Thank you for your help in find a mesh bag that will be appreciated.