Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Blocking 1. Granny Squares

  Now I know this is something we all hate doing, but results are worth it.

  I have found that blocking squares before joining, doesn't only makes the joining easier, it also helps when blocking the finished project.

  To block each square (or several at a time) I have found a very easy way. All you need is two boards with lots of holes (I've got some plastic shower mats) and a handful of sticks (just make sure the sticks fit into the holes).

  1. Get your square wet and carefully squeeze out the extra water.

  2. Place your square on one of the boards. Using the sticks and holes pin your square into place.

  3. Carefully thread all of the squares onto the sticks. Don't worry if the sticks don't stand upright, or if the new squares aren't stretched as much as the first.

  4. Now place the second board on top. Being careful to put the sticks into the same holes as on the first board. Now all your sticks should be straight, and all your squares the same size.

  5. I find it best the separate the squares as much as possible. This way they all have air round them and will dry faster.

  This will work for most shapes and sizes. It will just depend on the size and hole placement of your boards!

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