Thursday, 26 November 2015

Blocking 2. Lace

  Now while we might get away with not blocking granny squares (see how I do it HERE). But when it comes to fine lace crochet it's necessary.

  To block things like doilies and snowflakes you need only a few things.

    *Lots of stainless steal pins.
    *Something to use as a pin board. (a piece of cardboard, cork board, styrofoam)
    *Baking paper.
    *A sheet of paper.
    *Bowl of water.

  1. Place the crochet in the water.

  2. Draw out the shapes on the paper (at least the placement of the main points). If your geometry is a bit rusty then just use google, bing, etc

  3. Place the paper on the board and cover with baking paper, use a few pins keep in place.

  4. Take the crochet out of the water and gently squeeze out the excess water.

  5. Pin the crochet to the board. I like to start by pining the center in place then opposite points.

How I block Snowflakes

  6. Once pinned I use a starch spray. For things like snowflakes that need to be stiff I spray a few times (letting the crochet dry in-between each spray).

  7. Once dry (and stiff enough) carefully remove the pins.

  If you use a liquid starch (like sugar or glue mixed with water) you just skip No. 6.

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