Monday, 21 March 2016


I decide to try my hand at crochet flowers, particularly daffodils. I search for (and tried) a few different patterns, but none of them look right to me.
So I decide to design my own pattern. After lots of tries I came up with this pattern.

Free Crochet DaffodilFree Crochet Daffodil

This pattern is made in two parts and sewn together afterwards.
I used Crochet thread Nº. 8 and a 1 mm hook.

The Trumpet:

Start with a magic circle.

Rnd 1. ch 4 and 11 tr into circle join to top of chain 4. (12 tr)

Free Crochet DaffodilRnd 2. ch 4. *tr in next 2 stitches. 2 tr in following dc. Repeat from * all the way around. Join to top of chain 3. (18 tr)

Rnd 3. ch 1. sc (into backloops only) all the way around (DON'T join) (18 sc)
The front loops will be used later to join the petals.

Keep working in a spiral (some sort of marker is recommended).

Rnd 4 & 5. sc (normal) all the way around adding 2 sc each round (evenly round the circle and not on top of each other).

Rnd 6 to 16. sc all the way around.

Rnd 17 & 18. ch 3 (ch 4). tr all the around adding 2 tr. (Again making sure it's done evenly). Join to top of starting chain.

Rnd 19.  ch 5. *sc, chain 4 in next stitch. Repeat from * all the way around. After last ch 4 cut and join to the 2nd chain of starting chain.

To see how I blocked my trumpets click HERE.

The Petals:

The petals are divide into 2 parts the body and the edge. First you make all the bodies, then go around all the edges.
Free Crochet Daffodil

The body:

Start with a magic circle. (don't pull it tight as ALL the petals use the same circle)
Free Crochet Daffodil

Row 1. ch 1. 2 sc into circle. turn (3 sc)

Row 2 to 5. ch 3. 1 dc into same same stitch. 1 dc in each stitch. 2 dc into top of turning chain. turn. (Each row will increase by 2 until you have 11 dc)

Row 6 & 7. ch 3. dc next 2 together. dc across next 5  (3) stitches. dc next 2 together. dc into top of turning chain. turn (Each row decreases by 2 until 7 dc).

Free Crochet Daffodil
Top Row
Row 8. Leaving the last loop of each stitch on the hook. ch 4. tr next 2 together. tr in next stitch. tr next 2 together. tr in top of turning chain. you should now have 5 loops on the hook. Loop over the hook and pull in through all 5 loops. Cut the tread. Bring the tail trough the last loop. Using a darning needle bring the thread back through the 5 loops again. Weave in the end.

Make a total of 6 petals all in the same starting circle.

The edging:

Free Crochet DaffodilIf you look a daffodil's petals you can see that they have 3 petals on top and 3 underneath. So the edging is done joining all the "bottom" petals. Then the "top" petals.

Start on any petal you choose.

Join with a ch 1 into the side of the bottom right hand sc.* Into the side of the next row do 1 hdc and 3 dc. do 4 dc into the side of each row. do 5 dc into the point. go down the other side the same. 4 dc in next 6 rows. 3 dc and 1 hdc into last dc row. and 1 sc into bottom sc.
ch 4. skip 1 petal (placing the chain behind the petal) and sc into bottom row on next petal. Repeat from *. After you're 3rd petal cut and join the ch 4 to the starting chain on the 1st petal.

Free Crochet Daffodil
Wrong side (Bottom)
Start the edging again on any of the remaining petals. This time passing the ch 4 in front of the petals.

Free Crochet Daffodil

I used the same technique to block the petals as I used for my snowflakes. See how HERE. The only thing I found was that it was best to 1st block and starch the bottom 3 petals, leaving to top ones free. Then once the bottom ones are dry pin the top ones over the top. 
If like me you spray with starch a few times (I think the more times the stiffer it will be) you only need to spray the bottom lot once before pinning the top ones. Then I spray them all together a few times.

Free Crochet Daffodil
Just bottom petals     /     all petals 

Making the daffodil:


- Trumpet + Petals blocked.
- Thread (the same used to crochet the flower).
- Darning needle (always use this needle for sewing),
- Cable ties (small yellow) or something else that will hold the petals up.
- Wire (or something similar) for the stem.
- Pliers (more something to cut the wire and cable ties).
- Glue (optional).

How to:

Free Crochet Daffodil1st. Sew the petals to the trumpet. On the trumpet use the outside loops from Rnd 3. On the petals use the sc around the starting circle.

2nd. Place the cable ties (or whatever you are using) under the petals. To make the petals stand out push each cable tie through the trumpet so that it lays under 2 petals.

3rd. Sew the cable ties into place and cut to length. I only put a few stitches close to the point of each petal. I also found it best to cut the cable ties just a bit shorter than the petals. If you feel the need (I did) put a few drops of glue on the stitches around the cable ties. This will stop it from slipping.

Free Crochet Daffodil4th. Add the stem. Bend the stem about an inch from the top. Bend it as far as you need so that the trumpet can hang from it, while the center of the trumpet is at 90º.

5th. Tie the end of the trumpet to the bend in the stem. I used the tail of the trumpet starting circle to do this. I just used a load of half-hitches. I also add a few drops of glue.

6th. Weave any remaining ends into the center of the trumpet. I used these to cover (and hold in place) the wire in the center of the trumpet.